The Exiled Lands are exactly that: lands for exiles. It is a melting pot of culture, or perhaps more appropriately described as a cauldron with its stew endlessly screaming, raging, and warring. Rulers have risen, and fell to be forgotten before being swept away by churning sands.  The prison lands didn’t start this way; you can find the history in the stones, spanning from the Giant Kings to their usurpers. Such time has passed since the Giant’s age that even the structures of the eras after are in ruins. Even so, the great god-giants legacy remains in the bracelets.

Yes, the bracelets are no secret, for everyone who lingers within the ghost wall has one. The bracelet is an object of curiosity that’s nearly unremovedable. Perhaps it’s even bound to the soul. The bracelet is powerful in its own right, as it translates most spoken languages, grants magic to travel, and prevents certain forms of evocation. It’s greatest power is over the life and death of its user. Those who dare to leave the Ghost Wall will succumb to its fatal sorcery.

For a millennia, it seemed all the same, as the Exiled Lands have been and will be. What made this era so strange is that people stopped dying. Instead, they transition. Some describe it as a rebirth: that the person you were before died and a new person is reforged. There’s evidence of this in the corpses left behind when the Cursed are slain. Others claim it is your soul leaving and re-manifesting through a new magic woven into the bracelet. The only truth the people know of this enigma is that you will awaken in darkness to then be sent to the desert.