Build Rules

Be as creative or lazy with your build as you like while adhering to these rules. Feel free to approach staff with concerns and questions about your build.

◆ Builds can be subject to administrative discretion by our team. You may be asked to move or be subject to staff action for reasons that include, but are not limited to: being too close to other settlements, inactivity, exceeding limitations, blocking player travel and resources, or building in a way that is defying the law of gravity. Ask permission before building around critical sites, over resources, or in passes.

◆ For solo players, consider a space of around 35×35 foundation size by 5 stories high is considered the standard base limit. Limit yourself to 1250 building pieces. Other styles are permitted. Seek staff approval first for higher walls or other shapes to your builds such as pyramids or towers.

◆ Clans with more than one player can exceed solo limits. Alternate characters are not counted as additional clan members and do not allow you to build more. The limit of building pieces is 1250 + 750 per additional clan member. Clans with 2 or more members can have a single small outpost. The 2 person limit can be closer to 45×45 space by 6 high, up to 60×60 space by 8 high for 5+ members. You may choose to expand with new members in a village style to allow them to build their individual houses or make a super-structure. Keep your clan outpost limited to 10×10 at 3 stories high.

◆ 8000 building pieces is our absolute limit for clans.

◆ While there is no limit, refrain placing too many decorations.

◆ Only 1 mining station per person. You will need to find where they are bought in game.

◆ Do not stack foundations. More than 2 foundation stacked and layered on each other puts your base at risk of deletion.

◆ 1 Wheel of Pain per solo, 1 more every 5 players, capping at 3 wheels for clans (2 at five, 3 at ten).

◆ Individuals, or clans, should have no more than 2 Stable and 2 animals pens. A farmer concept can be an exemption. Use a special application or request tool.

◆ 3 fishing traps per solo. 3 + 1 per additional player for clans. Max limit of six, as these can generate tons of items and lag.

◆ Do not place more than 10 + 4 per additional clan member of thralls and pets. Max limit is 20. Use thespians for decorations. You may as many needed during purges for defense. Pick them up afterwards.

◆ Building with the malicious intent to increase latency or rendering times will be met with a permanent ban.

◆ If you are inactive for more than 30 days without notifying staff, your base is considered derelict and may be deleted. Staff will also try to reach out before actions are made but it is considered good form to let us know if you still intend to play or are traveling in real life.

◆ Fences, if not used modestly, will cause lag on the server. Please use fences moderately, only around your clan or solo build, and keep them within the space allowed per the existing build rules.

◆ Do not build over quest sites or too close to the hub town. Get permission if you are near the Canopy or hub.

◆ Before building in, on, or adjacent to an in-game structure or build, either Funcom or Soulbound, please ask for permission from admin. “Critical Sites” was meant to include in-game assets.

◆ Building under-mesh or restricted areas that are outside of normal play will result in destruction of the build and a permanent ban from the server, without discussion.

◆ 2 maximum stables per solo or per clan

◆ 2 maxumum animal pens per solo or per clan.

If you would like to build quests, special inns, towers, or something to add to our world that would clearance or staff assistance, you can always use the request tool to prompt staff discussion.