PVP & Theft Rules

◆ To initiate in pvp, you must declare clear intent and type [PVP] at the end of your emote. Write out your intent and give the defender a chance to respond with whether they will surrender, run, or fight.

Example: /me has his nostrils flare in unbridled rage before he snaps his shortsword from the baldric sheath, causing a hiss of leather. “Yield now, or die choking upon your own blood!”

Do remember to give the opposing party time to respond.

◆ A character should always have a motive for player-versus-player actions. For example: This man hurt my friend, horribly disfigured his face. Now he looks like Susan Boyle and Freddy Krueger’s love child. I must avenge this. This is a incorrect reason: This man very slightly smirked in a way that insulted my ancestors and I quite literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed which means I must be one angry boi.

◆ If you are the opposing party, you should respond addiing [PVP Engage/Flee/ or Surrender.]

◆ Warping or logging to avoid PVP is extremely poor form and will be punished.

◆ If your character is knocked out, you are not allowed to fight any more until the scene is over. If a player is OOC unwilling to be captured at the end of the scene, alternative outcomes should be discussed. While this is not the only possible outcome, the victory may decide to kill, steal within our theft rules, or a combination of both.

◆ A character should always have a motive for player-versus-player actions.

◆ If you’re the victim of PVP and have either fled, surrender or lost, do not engage in PVP for 24 hours unless it is to defend yourself. Take some time to cool off and for your character to recover.

◆ If you wish to opt out of PVP, your character can do so in game to be protected by the Hope’s Refuge faction. Find the location and NPC in character. Keep in mind that while it is extremely frowned upon, it is not explicitly against the rules to attack or kill protected characters. Assaulting protected characters will be met with harsh in game consequences to your character. You have been warned. See protection/safelist rules for more details.

◆ Permanent Death is not possible under normal circumstances. Check out our lore.


◆ A player who has lost in PvP can consent to have their items taken, as well as discuss what they lose. Otherwise, a raid request with your character’s motive must be sent to an admin must be sent in and approved before any type of theft.

◆ Ninja-Looting; No. Do not sit around players farming bosses of any capacity. Waiting for the boss to die to within seconds, steal the item from the body. If you helped with the matter of defeating a boss, the loot can be dicussed between the two parties as to who gets it. Assuming you two are working together. If you cannot come to a decision on the matter, you may PvP resolve the predicament. If you cannot agree with each other still, you may contact Administration to resolve the issue.


◆ Your target should be online. If they are clanless or a clan of less than five, one must be online. If they are a clan of more than five, at least two must be online.

◆ Building damage is turned off. You must submit a raid request and have an admin on their building account be present for you during the raid. DM your request in the following format:

◆ ADMIN or DEVELOPER ranked players are NOT allowed to raid others or submit raid requests.

Character/Clan: (Both your character, and if applicable, your clan too) Opponent: (Who you are raiding)
Reason: (The reason behind the raid. It can be as trivial as their ugly base in front of yours, or as profound as them torturing your character.)
Scale: (How much you intend to steal or destroy)

Rogues, and only rogues, are allowed to do stealth submissions for raids or assassinations through a stealth roll versus a staff’s dice of 1d20+4. Success will mean your opponent is not warned of a raid.