Due to adult themes, you must be over the age of 18 to play on Soulbound.

  • Name your character appropriately.

No names from popular fiction, historical figures, or anything inappropriate with our theme. Examples of bad names: DTrump, Spiderman, EdgeLord, Bad_Betty, XxXNymphXxX, etc.

After creation, you may ask an admin to make an immediate ruling on your name or to rename you.

Be sure to change your discord name to your character’s name, or add your character behind your discord tag in parenthesis.

  • This is a roleplaying server. While in game, stay in character.

If you’re unwilling to be in character, this server is not for you. The premise behind Soulbound is intense immersion. While characters can be shockingly cruel or incredibly kind to your character, none of these actions in game should not be taken personally. Unless trolling, griefing or rule-breaking is involved, our admins are required to be strictly hands off of player affairs. Keep conflicts in game.

If someone emotes towards you, you must respond. You can have the intentions to kill someone upon seeing them, but you should give them at least one line of dialogue or emotes. 

  • No abusing exploits, cheating with third party scripts, camping, griefing, trolling, flaming, meta-gaming or god-gaming.

Thing includes but is not limited to things such as camping/building around rare resources, using scripts to gain an unfair advantage or emoting and declaring your character to have powers that they codedly do not possess. Know that out of character harassment or real life threats against others health will result in an immediate ban.

PVP and theft is permitted with certain safeguards. During captures or scenes after raids, be sure not to cross boundaries of consents. If you’re not interested in PVP, you can become safelisted as well. Click here to learn about safelisting and its ruleset.

Our build rules will allow you plenty of room to make the base of your dreams, but there are a few stipulations. Please follow them.

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