Safelisted Characters

This is for people who prefer to build bases or just roleplay without the fret of being raided. Raid requests on players who are protected will not be granted. These characters can still participate in player versus player tournament events in the Arena.

This system is entirely in character. To acquire this, find the Hope’s Refuge faction in game and make an oath. If you break this oath or decide to leave the protection of this faction, you will never be protected by them again.

Being protected means you have taken an oath and are safeguarded. Your color is changed so players will know you rather avoid conflict. The color is cyan and highlights the player’s name:

Taking the oath is an in game action. It can be discerned in character through the lighter coloration of the player’s bracelet gemstone. It also does not guarantee safety from all forms of conflict. Players can still attack you but with great consequence.

Thieves can still target protected characters. While you are allowed to defend yourself, pick pocketing or any conflict resulting from this will not be avenged.

◆ If you attack a protected player, revenge will be swift and merciless. Depending on the severity of your own actions, you may be raided, imprisoned, or worse.

◆ If you are a protected player and attacked, immediately report it to available staff through discord direct message or email if none are available. Take screenshots if possible.

◆ You can play your character noticing that protected characters have lighter colored gems upon their bracelets or, if you have high detection or sorcery skill through the Roleplay mod, your character may sense a different auras.

◆ If you break your oath or tell the NPC you wish to dismiss their protection, the protected flag will be removed. It will never be granted again.

◆ Safelisted characters are always allowed to defend themselves and their property from theft. If you try to pickpocket or burgle into their homes, you may be attacked.